There has never been a better time to replace your heating and cooling system than now!

Take advantage of tax credits, utility incentives or 0% interest loans, system efficiency, and increased comfort. It truly pays to be more energy efficient.

Our featured Dave Lennox Elite and Signature Series collection of ducted gas furnaces and heat pumps qualify for these amazing programs. Most popular is the fastest growing trend, the ductless heat pump technology in home heating and cooling.

These systems are very affordable, achieve high efficiency ratings, and qualify for the largest amounts in tax credits and utility incentives.

How it works: Call us today for a free in home evaluation with our comfort adviser to design the best system options for you. During this process we will explain the tax credit and incentive amounts for each option given. Also we will explain that there is an option to choose a 0% interest loan through your utility company rather than a rebate. Upon completion of installing your new comfort system our staff will provide you with the proper documentation and paperwork needed to apply for the applicable tax credits, incentives, and /or loans.
Below are some links to local utility and State energy efficiency programs for more information on what incentives are available to you:

Emerald PUD:
Lane Electric:
Springfield Utility Board:
Pacific Power:
State Of Oregon (Tax Credits):

Ductless heat pumps are becoming more popular in homes:

• They operate quietly indoors or outdoors.
• They are simple to install.
• They offer cooling as well as heating.
• They operate efficiently outdoors without electrical backup at 17 degrees Fahrenheit and above.

Whether consumers need heating for new construction or as replacements for baseboard or wall heaters in existing construction, ductless heat pumps provide a reliable solution. Commercial buildings have been equipped with ductless heat pumps for more than two decades, and numerous manufacturers now make these systems.

The efficiency of a Eugene ductless heat pump is related to a number of features. For example, ductless heat pumps conserve warmth better than duct work, which can lose up to 20 percent of its heat, because heat pumps deliver warmth straight to the rooms where it is needed. The ability to directly heat rooms also lets homeowners create temperature zones rather than wasting heat in areas where they do not need it. Finally, the availability of variable speed compressors, also known as inverter technology, ensures reliable heat even in bitter cold and eliminates losses associated with cycling between on and off.

Another term for ductless heating pumps is “mini-split” heat pumps. Like traditional heat pumps, these work by compressing and expanding refrigerants with electricity and moving the resulting heat between indoor and outdoor areas. In most cases, modern ductless heat pumps contain R-410a refrigerants, which are better for the environment. Both 120 and 220 volt AC power versions are available based on the capacity rating.

Common Uses of Ductless Heat Pumps in Eugene Oregon

Houses that have open floor plans are ideal settings for ductless heat pumps because single “heads” can heat whole areas that are not impeded by doors. Three situations in which ductless heat pumps should be considered are:

1. Replacement of a zonal heating system
It can be beneficial to replace wood stoves and electric units in baseboards or walls with ductless heat pumps. For a small house, a ductless heat pump can easily warm the main area while electric baseboards can continue to be used in bathrooms and bedrooms.

2. New Construction
Designs for new homes can be made or adjusted to account for ductless heat pump usage. In most cases, this is done by planning for one or more ductless heat pumps in different parts of the house for ease of installation and reduction in the length of refrigerant line required.

3. Home Additions and Living Space Conversions
When rooms are added to a home or parts of a home are turned into living spaces, ductless heat pumps can be efficient alternatives to adding electric resistance heaters or building more duct work.

Incentives for Eugene Oregon Ductless heat pump buyers.

To be eligible for the Oregon Residential Energy Tax Credit, ductless heat pumps must meet these criteria:
• Listed in the ARI directory and able to provide at least half of their capacity rating for efficiency when outdoor temperatures reach 17 degree Fahrenheit.
• Have inverted technology, which allows users to vary the speed of the compressor. This ensures that heating and cooling can be achieved efficiently even when the weather changes.
• Installed by a factory-trained technician whose training occurred within the previous five years.

2014 Residential Energy Tax Credit Rates
2015 Residential Energy Tax Credit Rates

If you check with your electric utility, you may find that you qualify for incentives, such as rebates, that cover ductless heat pumps.

Contact us to learn more about ductless heat pumps Eugene Oregon and your options in this product category.