Natural Gas Piping

Natural Gas: The Planet’s Best Energizer and Investment

The conversion of your appliances to natural gas pipingnatural gas is one of the best ways that a homeowner can add comfort and value to your home. Natural gas is typically approximately 40% less in cost compared to oil or electric appliances. In today’s word energy prices fluctuate regularly and yet still, natural gas has been proven to always be the least expensive energy source available to homeowners and small businesses today.

Businesses and homeowners find that having natural gas capability increases the value of their home when the time to sell their homes approaches. When homeowners want the very best, for themselves and for their planet, environment-oriented Alpine Heating is the natural gas provider to see for on-site evaluations, estimates and viable options to consider. Give Alpine Heating specialists a call today at and see what a wonderful future awaits you with natural gas. Alpine Heating is fully licensed, bonded and insured for all residential and commercial projects in the State of Oregon.

The Way of the Future

Today, where once electric appliances were projected to be the choice method that households chose for home energy delivery systems, natural gas is fast replacing electrical usage in the minds of many home and/or business owners as well.

Installation Now Easier, More Affordable and More Flexible

Much less expensive than fuel oil or electricity, natural gas is no doubt the least costly way to go. Depending on the locality of the nearest gas service, and what upgrades will be needed in the installation process, costs do vary from one gas service provider to another.

Gas appliances such as water heaters typically heat water twice as fast as electric heaters. Ranges, fireplaces and clothes dryers also run more efficiently. During power outages, there is no question that natural gas can provide heat and hot water during periods of long electrical stoppage–without any interruption.

Dependability When You Need It

Alpine Heating uses only the safest quality gas pipe equipment for all installation projects. When a total switch over from electricity is required, this company proves its well-earned reputation with highly trained technicians who are skilled in the latest industry technology.

In addition, keeping abreast with the latest gas appliance models and knowing what equipment goes best with said appliances helps make Alpine Heating the preferred provider for countless customers. Emergency fast response service, 24/7, is also readily available when needed.